Worth a Shot: Beat the Bug. Get Vaccinated.

Updated March 5, 2021

Casper vs. COVID Vaccine FAQs

Updated March 5, 2021

Casper, we’re beating this bug. COVID-19 vaccinations are rolling out, and with the help of our medical partners, healthcare heroes and YOU, we’re moving full steam ahead on the train back to normal. Due to limited availability, vaccines are being rolled out in phases to different populations – sometimes by occupation, age, pre-existing conditions, etc. We’re keeping you updated and informed here, so check back frequently to see what exciting changes are in store. The health, safety and future of our community is #worthashot.

Why is it important to get a COVID vaccine?

It’s the knockout punch to COVID. It’s our only real protection from a highly contagious, unpredictable illness that is lethally dangerous to some people. The vaccine will protect you, your loved one and our community, and it’s the only way for us to resume normal life.

Who is currently eligible to receive vaccines?

 Anyone 65 and older; K-12 staff; healthcare workers, first responders and emergency personnel; residents of a nursing home or long-term care facility; child care service and adult daycare workers; grocery store and food supply chain employees; US Postal service and delivery service workers; workforce service center staff; driver’s service workers; port of entry staff; parole and probation workers; veterinarians and veterinary staff; court system workers; utility and communications workers; security officers; attorneys and judges for criminal proceedings; custodial staff; AND anyone 16-64 with the following health conditions:

current diagnosis of cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (including emphysema, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis), solid organ transplant, sickle cell disease, down syndrome & pregnancy*.

*Wyoming Department of Health recommends that pregnant women discuss vaccination with their healthcare provider in advance.

Who will receive the vaccine next?

Anyone 16-64 with other medical conditions including diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, immunocompromised state, neurologic conditions, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

I'm eligible to receive a vaccine. How do I get an appointment?

Sign up for your appointment by filling out this form.

Is the vaccine safe?

Extensive testing and research were conducted prior to the FDA’s authorization of any COVID vaccine. Learn more on the testing and clinical trials here.

When will vaccines be available to the general public?

Limited supply and high demand make specific dates and timelines difficult to predict, but we estimate late spring.

How much does the vaccine cost?


All COVID-19 vaccines are free to individuals, so spend that money at our local businesses.

How will I know when it’s my turn to be vaccinated?

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